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soulsucked - Ein Pochen aus dem Wattebausch
teach me war
1st-Feb-2014 01:12 pm - ...
I AM a fucking princess !!!!

comment to be added!

you're looking for my art? check trishism
7th-Dec-2010 10:18 pm - Schon wieder auf Tour
sewing is love!
Haha, ich verspreche, ich poste auch mal wieder was anderes als Werbung. So long:

Kommt mich am 4. Advent an meinem Stand beim Super Weihnachtsmarkt in Köln besuchen:

super weihnachtsmarkt I
und 2

Ich würde mich sehr freuen!

Liebe grüße, Trisha
30th-Sep-2010 01:10 am - Besucht mich @ trendmafia
I AM a fucking princess !!!!

Am Wochenende werde ich beim Indoor Designer Markt Trendmafia mit dabei sein und meine bescheidenen Waren verkaufen :) Ich würde mich wahnsinnig freuen auch einige von euch zu sehen!

Also.. kommt vorbei, bringt gute Laune mit und haltet ausschau nach der Dame mit dem pinken Haaren :D Ich bin das ganze WE da.

Liebe Grüße, Trisha
19th-Sep-2010 05:20 pm - sliced & DIYced
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
Join the DIY madness :D

15th-Aug-2010 12:17 am - Did I mention...
I heart zombies
.. that my hair is pink again?

OOTD 31. Jul Zombie Lolita

also, I sewed the dress. Har!

Sorry, for the rather pointless post but I needed to (!!) because the picture on the last entry was bugging me because I look like 40 on it O.o. Narf, Look, I AM STILL YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL *haha*

OOTD 31. Jul Zombie Lolita

I love you all!

3rd-Nov-2008 08:45 pm - please!
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
Dear Americans!

Please, don´t fuck this up again!


25th-Aug-2008 11:40 am - The Dark Knight...
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
rocked like woah! I wanna have sex with batman! *lol*

slightly spoilery thoughtsCollapse )
10th-Feb-2008 08:15 pm - Friends Cut
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
Due to re-doing my LJ I made a major friends cut.
I am very sorry for all the people I trow from my flist, but the reason is either that you didn´t update your LJ for ages or just didn´t seem to care much/at all about being on my flist. sorry! Buy!
24th-Dec-2007 09:32 am - Merry Christmas
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
Dear Santa… Or Christkind, or whatever...
Today is Christmas Eve, I know you won’t accept such a late which list but I don’t care since this is something I really need to get out:

- First of all, I want people to simply stop suck!
- I want that people are beginning to love you for who you are and not for what you have
- I want people to care again
- I want the kids who love each other, and care for each other, and be nice to each other, to be considered as he “cool kids” and not those who need to be mean just to remember that they are someone
- I want people to tell me directly in the face that we don’t need to be friends anymore instead of just ignoring phone calls and emails
- I want that this “choosing a side” shit stops right now! The hell, no one is in kindergarten anymore!
- I want to read my flist without getting sad
- I want to post what’s going on in my life without being considered the boring one with her normal and so not cool life.
- I want to thank my friends and family fir being there for me, you know who you are!

Thanks for listening! Oh, and don’t forget to bring me that pony, okay?

Merry Christmas

And to all a Merry Christmas! A peaceful world starts within us!
18th-Jul-2007 12:18 pm - just need to say it!
I AM a fucking princess !!!!
okay, since recently some of my flist got spoiled in what-so-ever-way... I think I´ll warn you all:


I´ve been waiting for this like a gazillion years, I don´t want it to end and I won´t be able to read it in like 2 days, because I have a life and I'll be in Berlin for another few weeks and I don´t wanna spend my time here reading nonstop! ;)

thanks a lot for your attention! :D
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